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Last newsletter we featured a rogues gallery of roosters – this time I would like to showcase the hens. We have approximately 70 hens in each pen along with about 7 roosters which creates a nice balance. They lay their eggs in nesting boxes and have room to perch, fluff, eat, drink, dust bathe and hang out with their feathered friends. Personalities vary by breed, some are very approachable, some are skittish and some make it clear that they would rather you not disturb them. Occasionally a hen will get broody, where they puff up and are very protective of the egg they just laid. They will also steal eggs from their friends and roll them under their feathers to increase their stock. You may see this happening occasionally on the videos we provide at pickup time. Eggs are collected three times a day, and this settles the broody hens down before they get too protective and also helps to keep the eggs clean. Enjoy the pictures!