How your donations can really help our program!

The Heritage Chicken Program has been wildly successful over the years, growing steadily and increasing memberships to our current 500 participants. However, the costs of this unique program are such that in order to maintain the unique genetic pool of the heritage chickens and improve research and practices for the poultry industry through this valuable resource, your help is needed!

Your donation will provide additional funds that will continue to improve the environment and health of our birds with new nests, perches and various enrichments to their barn.

Either Adopt-a-Rooster, where you get all the perks of being a member (except the eggs), or choose another item that better fits your budget or interests. You will receive a receipt that can be used for income tax purposes and by donating, you will also join our membership list, receive the bi-monthly newsletters and participate in supporter activities and events.

Thank you!

Adopt a Rooster

Want to support the Heritage Chicken Program and help preserve the genetics of these rare birds but don’t need the eggs? Now you can Adopt-A-Rooster instead! You will join our program, receive bi-monthly informative and fun newsletters, be included in any supporter events and receive a certificate of adoption. It’s just like the Adopt-A-Hen program without the bi-monthly egg pickup. You will also receive a tax receipt for your generous donation to our program. Have a look at our Rogue’s Gallery of roosters and choose a breed! Thank you!

Adopt a Rooster

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General Donations

New Nest
Donate Now!

Giving this as a gift? Download the Donation Certificate to place under the tree!

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1. VACCINES ($20)

Why do we vaccinate the heritage chicks? Vaccination protects the birds from diseases that can be fatal to both the individual bird and potentially the whole flock. Our chicks are immunized immediately after hatching and several times after the hatch until they reach laying age. Some vaccines are given in the drinking water, and the final vaccination is an injection. Your donation will pay for the vaccination of 125 heritage chicks.


What is biosecurity? Biosecurity is a set of preventive measures designed to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases in crops and livestock. Your donation for a month of biosecurity supplies in the heritage barn will help pay for rubber boots, vinyl or latex gloves, dust masks, protective bags for cell phones, hair nets and signs designating bio-secure areas and procedures.


The floor of the heritage chicken pens is covered with pine shavings. These provide a cozy and comfortable surface for their feet. Pine shavings are dry and absorbent, lightweight, have insulating properties and are compostable. Shavings are changed every two or three weeks for the pen floor and more frequently in nesting boxes. Your donation pays for one month of shavings for the barn.


When vaccinating a flock of newly hatched chicks, a number of supplies are required beyond the vaccine itself. Your donation pays for needles, tubing, liquid nitrogen, syringes, and disinfectant.


We use egg cartons in the Heritage Chicken Program to carton your graded eggs for handout at egg pickup time. The program buys the cartons in bulk and will go through almost 10,000 cartons over the course of the program. Your donation will pay for two weeks of egg cartons for the HCP program.


The heritage chickens are fed a mix of wheat, soybean meal, limestone, peas, corn, grit, canola oil, oyster shell, salt, L-lysine and a wide variety of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. The chickens are fed once a day and have free run access to their feed all day. Your donation will pay for three days of feed for the flock.

7. NEW NEST ($350)

The Heritage Chicken Program is slowly transitioning to a new kind of nesting box, called the Best Nest Box. These nests are cleaner and safer than traditional boxes by using a roll away system. Eggs roll down into a collection track and can be collected externally, thus leaving the hens undisturbed, preventing egg cracking and avoiding soiled or dirty eggs. Your donation of $350 will pay for one a new nest that can handle up to 40 hens.