Heritage Chickens

Fresh Free Run Farm Eggs and Chicks

Registration for 2024 program is closed. Visit Adopt-a-chicken page for details. Join the notification list for next years signup.

Registration for Small Flock Workshops Spring 2024 are now CLOSED.  Click HERE for more information.




Donation Program

–options include:

  • Adopt a Rooster (no eggs)

  • other necessities


“Adopt-a-Chicken” and pick up a dozen heritage eggs every two weeks while learning about the life of chickens, egg production and where your food comes from. Your donation supports the genetic preservation of these rare heritage birds.

Chick Program

Our chick program began in 2014 and with the help of Peavey Mart in 2015, the program has grown every year. In 2018 we delivered a total of 5700 heritage chicks to 19 Peavey Mart locations across Alberta!


Frequently Asked Questions about our Programs.