Light Sussex

The Sussex chicken (LS) was created in the county of Sussex, England over a century ago. Back in the 1930’s they were very popular for laying trials. They are still considered one of the oldest breeds that exist today and still serve commercial purpose. The breeds at the PRC were also derived from the stock donated by Dr. R. Crawford. Prior to their arrival at the PRC they had been maintained at the University of Saskatchewan since 1967 as an unselected population. At the PRC they serve as a dual purpose breed (egg and meat production). The bird is typically smaller and produces a very light brown egg. The female weight averages 1800 grams and she has an average mid cycle egg weight of 50 grams while the male on the average has a weight of 2340 grams.

  • Use: Eggs/Meat

  • Egg Size / Colour: Small/Cream

  • Rate of Lay: 150

  • Standard Market Weight: 7 lb

  • Rate of Growth / Maturity: N/A

  • Temperament: Calm and Curious

  • Special Characteristics: Good All Around Table Bird, Famous for Flavor