How to get there!

The Heritage egg pickup will take place at the Alberta Chicken Producers Poultry Technology Centre located at the U of A South Campus. (address: 6003 118 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 2V8).

You can put this into google maps and it should direct you to the building:

NOTE: IF YOU ARE COMING FROM 118 ST, THERE IS NO WAY TO GET TO THE BUILDING, IT IS GATED AND LOCKED. You’ll have to go around the Sports Centre to get around to the building.

Driving South: If you are driving south down 114th/113th St, you will pass the School for the Deaf on the right hand side. There will be lights immediately after the school (60th ave). Turn right at the lights and continue straight. Continue straight through (through the 4 way stop) until you reach a T-intersection. Turn right at the T-intersection. The first building on your right is your destination.

If you are driving south down 109th St, head towards 111th St but stay on 63rd Ave until you reach the same 60th Ave intersection near the School for the Deaf and turn left. Then follow the same directions (straight till you get to a T intersection, turn right, first turn on your right).

Driving North: If you are coming from either 111 St or Gateway, get onto 63rd Ave and follow NW to the 60th Ave intersection and turn left at the lights.

Taking the LRT: You will get off at the South Campus Transit Centre Fort Edmonton Park. There are two ways to go – you can take a path that heads south on 115a St towards 65 Ave. Turn right to stay on 115a St. Turn left on to 118 St. and follow that road past a few buildings until the last building on the left which is the ACPPTC: 6003 – 118 St. NW. This is supposed to take 12 minutes but may be longer. The other route is to head south on 115a St. towards 65 Ave. Stay on 115a St. and then turn right on to 60th Ave. Follow 60th Ave. until you reach 118 st. Turn right onto 118 St. The ACPPTC building will be the first building on your right. This route takes 14 minutes but may be a little easier (more travelled ) than the previous route. Both of them are a bit of a hike in the snow – you start on a path which leads to the more main roads.

If you go to Google Maps and enter South Campus Transit Centre Fort Edmonton Park as your start and Alberta Chicken Producers Poultry Technology Centre or 6003 118 St. NW as your destination, it will give you these directions and a map.