Traditionally heritage chickens were bred to produce eggs and meat. Because they grow much slower, they are not nearly as efficient with feed, but one nice side-effect is that they taste really good! Older birds have time to accumulate more flavour compounds in their tissues than birds harvested at younger ages.

Throughout the year the girls lay great tasting eggs and at the end of their egg laying cycle we process the girls to enjoy their flavorful meat. The meat then is offered for sale and the proceeds go back to the Heritage Chicken Program. This helps participants in the program understand more about where their food comes from and the life cycle of the hen they adopt.

Please remember that our heritage chickens meat is tough for many popular recipes, however their rich flavor makes them perfect for soups and stews – a flavor you would not be able to achieve from a young chicken.  You probably know already  that  there are lots of ways of getting the full flavor of a stewing hen and relaxing the meat – marinating for a day and simmering at low temperatures (do not boil) for hours until the meat is falling off the bone (some recipes ask to simmer for 12 hours). Some people like to cook stewing chickens in a crock pot or pressure cooker.  Our chickens are not meant to be fried or bbq.

This program will not be available this year. It will resume in fall 2019.