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Heritage Chicken Charms

By June 22, 2020April 9th, 2022No Comments

Artist Tara Adam shares her glass blowing talents with the Heritage Chicken Program!

These gorgeous blown glass pieces are all created by hand and each design is unique and original. Proceeds from the sale of the glass will go to support the Heritage Chicken Program which strives to maintain genetics from rare poultry breeds.

Email to reserve your item. Please quote # of the item (below each picture) and pendant, stake, earring, or bracelet  in your email. (Only one item exists for each number under each category).

Efforts will be made to reserve your chicken, but due to lag time between email and website update there is no guarantee. If you wish you can quote a 2nd and 3rd choice in the email.  A confirmation email will be sent stating which specific item(s) is reserved for you. Pick up and payment will be made at upcoming egg pickups. Details of pickup date and payment procedure will be confirmed by email.There is no limit to how many you can purchase.
​All designs are handmade and therefore are unique and not exactly the same. There may be variation of color due to limitations of photography, lighting and device used for viewing.

Click links below to see available items.



$20 each



depending on size


$40 or $45 each set